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Using Need-Driven Communication for Behavioral Change

Instructed by Timothy M Buchanan

Length: 5 Hours

Format: Recorded videos, handouts, reading activities

Skill Level: All levels

Course Description

This course will teach you how to approach students on issues of behavior and compliance that doesn’t make you the villain, shows respect for the student, and causes individual maturity and growth.

In this course you will learn how to choose from four communication styles, when to use them, and how they are interrelated to create a roadmap for student growth.

You will pick a student or situation to create a course of action for the issue you identified using the provided template. You will also receive a lot of great communication tips in the material.

What am I going to get from this course?

This course will enable teachers to understand and apply a communication technique which will identify the need of the student and the appropriate style of communication necessary to move them forward in the learning and behavior modification process of personal growth and employability.

This course will teach a three step process in order to decide on the correct communication style for successful instruction in behavioral change.
N (needs) - the first step is to identify one of four NEEDS on the part of the learner: Self-Awareness, Safety, Redirection, Sustainability.
O (opportunity) - Once the need is identified, the teacher will utilize the OPPORTUNITIES presented by each need as a goal for the interaction.
W (way) - Once the need and the opportunity are understood, the teacher will employ the most effective WAY of communicating with the student: Discovery, Boundaries, Redirection, and Training.

Teaching communication skills that gives the teachers greater knowledge, proficiency, and confidence to communicate with students who need growth in life skills and character.

To enhance the current CTE programs by adding proficiency in teaching life skills and character that will make graduates and participants of the programs more appealing to employers. This will bring greater credibility to the CTE programs in the communities and their graduates will be highly sought after not only for their technical skills, but also their work ethic and interpersonal maturity through strong life skills. This is a value added service to the CTE program, its students, and potential employers.

To encourage use of the Universal Foundation Skills Employability Profile as a guide document when identifying need areas for a student’s growth and development. This will build intent, confidence, and credibility in the use of this form.

Who is this course for?

All educators (Teachers, Administrators, Supervisors, and WBL Coordinators)

About the Instructor

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Timothy M Buchanan
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