PBL Step by Step

Foundations of Project Based Learning

Instructed by Sarah Fiess

Length: 8 hours

Format: Each module will have video, text, and practical activities that will teach participants to build a project "step-by-step."

Course Description

In many CTE classrooms, instruction happens and then students complete a project. Learn ways to deepen student engagement and mastery by setting up meaningful “Project-Based Learning” experiences.

Course objectives:
Develop projects for your CTE classroom with instruction and assessment that target your learning goals (including specific content knowledge and general employability skills). Upon completion of this course, you will have built a completed project ready for classroom implementation. And with your new skills, you will have all the tools you need to make more learner-ready projects that fit your specific CTE curriculum.

What are the requirements?

Come with ideas from your content area to develop into a PBL experience! It will be beneficial to also have access to your standards.

What am I going to get from this course?

You’ll learn how to group standards from your course into projects that target key concepts, build partnerships and products to deepen authenticity, develop high-quality assessment tools, and manage your PBL classroom.

Who is this course for?


About the Instructor

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Sarah Fiess
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